About Us

Founded in 1930 by Mian Lal Din (Late) as an instrument workshop, BM Corporation quickly progressed to become the first Pakistan’s manufacturer of veterinary instruments. In 1970 2nd generation Mr. Saleem Akhtar joins company and devoted his struggle made success in 1979 begins to exports. In 1993 3rd generation Mr. Naveed Akhtar joins and still working as Director Sales.

The staff of BM Corporation surmounted with a crown, serves as the company’s trademark and has been a symbol of quality and reliability for over years.
BM Corporation headquarter is in Sialkot, a location renowned throughout the world as a center for manufacturers of surgical instruments, soccer balls and leather motorbike apparels.

Where as in early years, BM Corporation began by concentrating on manufacturing basic Veterinary Instruments, over the decades, the company steadily expanded its range of EQUESTRIAN Products, CARRIAGE Accessories, EQUESTRIAN LEATHER Articles and FARRIER Tools, systematic diversification enabled it to develop into an all-round supplier in the field of horses and other animals. 

In a process of continuous cooperation with the leading buyers throughout the world, innovative operating techniques and for improved quality are being developed in the areas of horse equestrian, now we have nice quality, shortest delivery time and best prices.

From the outset, innovation was the driving force behind BM Corporation’s rapid development. Animal health care has always been our central concern.
Today’s BM Corporation products provide the basis for tomorrow’s conventional techniques. BM Corporation is committed to provide quality products, innovative and responsive to the needs of our customers. In this sense we have partnerships with leading world best companies. In the continuity of our values, we expand and strengthen our partnerships to meet the expectations of our customers.   

BM Corporation products are developed strictly by the close contact to our customers. Throughout the world, our products have proved themselves in day-to-day practice, not least from the point of view of quality and cost.

Standards (DIN, ISO) have been created to define and monitor quality targets. A company that continuously meets such standards over a period of many years, and also define even more exacting tolerances for their own requirements can justifiably claim to practice quality management. Since 1999, BM Corporation has held certifications based ISO9001, ISO9002. However, BM Corporation provides consistent quality assurance completely independently of the Industrial Estate, Sialkot. All company staff are involved in the process of meeting quality standards.